The mind of a writer – Part II: Engaging the unknown reader

How do we create content that engages readers? The key to crafting any kind of content is about knowing the audience and making your readers feel understood. As a technical writing company, we have to be sympathetic to multiple audiences, even the ones we don’t know.   First things first: you can’t please everyone We’ve […]

Subject Matter

The mind of a writer—Part I: How to instantly become a subject matter expert One of the biggest challenges we come across as technical writers is knowledgeability. People often ask, “How can you write about something if you are not an expert in it?” Our question is, “How can you write about something (objectively, impartially, […]

The Value of Outsourcing Business Content to Writing Experts

You may be saying: “I’ve been speaking English my whole life; I can write content for my business.” Or, maybe you’re thinking, “No one knows my business like I do; I should write about it.” And in both cases, you’re right…and wrong. The illusion of fluency Just because you’ve been talking since you were a […]

Common content errors your business might be making

Whether content marketing is a new concept for you, or you’ve been handling content since you started your business, it’s possible you’re still making mistakes that could be costing you credibility. Here are a few common errors we’ve seen companies make time and again with their content: **Remember, content marketing is the creation of any […]

Boosting your brand identity—why words matter

Whoever said a picture is worth a thousand words probably wasn’t very good with words. At ProWrite, words mean the world to us. Although photos and images are essential components of technical documentation, a picture is worth nothing if no one understands what it’s trying to say. Captions, callouts, and accompanying text can turn a […]