Boosting Your Brand Identity Words Matter


Whoever said a picture is worth a thousand words probably wasn’t very good with words.

At ProWrite, words mean the world to us.

Although photos and images are essential components of technical documentation, a picture is worth nothing if no one understands what it’s trying to say. Captions, callouts, and accompanying text can turn a simple drawing into a treasure trove of information.

The same goes for a business’s brand identity, or how a company chooses to express itself. No matter how clever its logo or cool its colors, the ideal brand identity should tell people something about the company, its products, and the services it offers.

That’s where words come in.

A company’s brand identity is a crucial part of its brand image, which is how others perceive the company. So, choose your words wisely (or hire someone to choose them for you).

To begin with, a company’s wordmark, or logotype, is basically a textual representation of the company’s name, which does not always indicate (or even hint at) what the company actually does.

Therefore, adding a few key words can concisely let potential customers know that they’ve come to the right place.

For example:

ProWrite Logo

Seeing that, there should be no mistaking that ProWrite is a technical writing firm.

In addition to a wordmark and descriptive text, companies often have a slogan, or tagline, such as: “The World on Time” Those words are much more global and impactful than that company’s previous slogan: “Relax, it’s FedEx”

Taglines do not necessarily explain what the company does, but they can help enhance the company’s brand image and make it memorable.

However, the biggest place where words live within a business’s brand identity is the company website. The words—not only their meaning, but their tone and style—should reflect the brand.

A company like ProWrite, which offers documentation services, wouldn’t be too successful if its website were full of misspellings and grammatical errors. In fact, we are so against poor writing that our website offers free technical writing tips and opportunities to sign up for our Efficient Writing classes.

In the end, you can make your company’s brand identity whatever you want it to be. And as any successful enterprise, it will surely grow and evolve over time. But don’t get so caught up in the latest looks that you forget your best weapon in the war against the competition—words.


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